What’s Your Story?

Given the current challenges we’re all facing as small business owners, this month I’d like to turn the tables and reach out to YOU for assistance.

I’d love to hear your tips on how you’ve managed to overcome a challenge or frustration within your business. Or perhaps you can share a tip or two about how you (or another business owner you know) has managed to overcome a particular obstacle or did something just that little bit different with good results.


Whether it’s a tip on pivoting your retail business online; or how you’ve resolved a difficult conversation with a team member; or how you went above and beyond with customer service; or even how you kept a smile on your face when the bank said no to extending your overdraft. We’d love to hear about it.

We’ve all experienced some lows lately, but let’s share the highs and a little love too! Your tips might help motivate others who might feel trapped or uncomfortable in their current situation. If others can feel that they’re not alone or that others are experiencing and dealing with similar challenges, then every feel-good story that you can send WILL help others.

Please get in touch with a few sentences highlighting your tip or learning, so we can share it in our upcoming newsletter series. If you want to stay anonymous (please state that in your email), that’s fine too, but if you’d like to be acknowledged and we include your story, we’d be happy to share your business’s details – and who knows how that promotion might help your business on its journey.

Look forward to your contributions!



Andrew Campbell

Specialist Business Advisor


0409 610 637