Navigating Media Interviews: A Guide to Shine in the Spotlight

By Business Advisor Dales Whyte
Embarking on a media interview can be a thrilling yet challenging experience, whether it’s under the bright lights of a television studio or through the virtual realm of Zoom. As you prepare for this crucial moment, especially in the dynamic landscape of both traditional and social media, it’s essential to be well-versed and confident about your topic.

Imagine you’re about to be interviewed on television. The studio environment brings with it not only lights, heat, and noise but also an undeniable nervous energy. If your interview is via Zoom, an increasingly popular choice, consider using a background that showcases your business and logo. This is not only an opportunity to promote your brand but also to maintain a professional image.

Similarly, if you’re participating in a podcast, the visuals matter. Many podcasts are now incorporating video, emphasising the need for a polished appearance. Avoid distractions like pets, children, or a messy living room; you want the focus to be on you and your insights.

Having conducted countless interviews, ranging from Prime Ministers to representatives of non-profit organisations, one golden rule stands out – accuracy in your answers is paramount. While being concise is valuable, steer clear of one-word responses, especially in radio interviews. It’s crucial to strike a balance between providing sufficient information and avoiding unnecessary verbosity.

If you prefer a roadmap for the interview, consider requesting questions in advance. However, be prepared for the unexpected. Skilled interviewers may deviate based on your responses, especially in live broadcasts. It underscores the importance of not only knowing your subject matter but also being adaptable in the moment.

Ultimately, success in media interviews boils down to knowing your material, practicing beforehand, and feeling comfortable answering questions. If you encounter a query to which you don’t have an immediate answer, don’t hesitate to admit it. Acknowledge the question’s merit, express your intention to research further, and promise to provide a comprehensive response later.

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