Navigating Year-End: Essential Tips for NSW Small Businesses

By Business Advisor Court Sayer-Roberts

As the financial year draws to a close, small businesses find themselves at a pivotal moment for reflection and planning. In today’s economic climate, marked by higher interest rates and reduced consumer spending, strategic foresight is more important than ever. Here are key tips to ensure a strong start for the upcoming financial year:

  1. Assess Your Financial Position: Take stock of your business’s financial health by analysing profit margins, cash reserves, and debt levels. Understanding where you stand financially is the first step towards informed decision-making.
  2. Clean Up Your Balance Sheet: Gain clarity on your assets and liabilities to accurately gauge your business’s net worth. This process can uncover inefficiencies, identify areas for improvement, and streamline operations.
  3. Business Modelling: Develop or refine your business model to adapt to changing market dynamics. Evaluate your value proposition, target audience, and revenue streams to ensure alignment with your personal objectives and market demands.
  4. Review Cost of Goods and Pricing: Conduct a thorough review of your cost structure and pricing strategy. Identify opportunities to improve costs without compromising quality and adjust pricing strategies to reflect market realities and maintain profitability.
  5. Create a Budget and Cash Flow Forecast: Establishing a comprehensive budget and cash flow forecast provides a roadmap for financial management. Anticipate expenses, revenue streams, and potential cash flow gaps to better manage financial risks and seize growth opportunities.
  6. Prioritise Cash Flow Management: With escalating costs and impending increases in superannuation contributions (increases to 11.5% on the 1st of July), effective cash flow management is paramount. Monitor cash inflows and outflows regularly, explore financing options, and implement strategies to maintain your operational cashflow.
  7. Seek Professional Guidance and Support: Running a small business can be overwhelming, especially in the face of recent challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, bushfires, and floods. Don’t hesitate to leverage the expertise of your accountant or approved service providers. They can offer valuable insights, strategic advice, and practical solutions tailored to your business’s unique circumstances.


As the new financial year approaches, proactive planning and strategic decision-making will be instrumental in navigating uncertainties and capitalizing on opportunities. By implementing these key tips, small business owners can position themselves for success and resilience is increasingly becoming a very dynamic economic landscape.

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