QUPCAKES: updates 6 and 7

Update 6

At this week’s session, we got back to basics. Each student was given a folder in which there were handouts covering what we had covered so far in QUPCAKES. It was good to go back and have a look at all the different topics, but the best thing that came out of the session for me, was that the students are taking ownership of QUPCAKES. In a practical sense, this means that next term, the students will take over the planning of QUPCAKES. They will decide what support they will need, in the way of guest speakers, practical demonstrations and the like.

We have another 3 sessions before the end of this term, and at the Week 10 session, the students will do the planning for  Term 2.

But for now, we’re looking forward to next week – we have a taste testing event. At our Thursday afternoon session next week, students will be cooking 4 different cupcake recipes.

On the Friday morning, QHS students will have the opportunity to taste these four different recipes, and give us feedback on specially provided survey forms.

The QUPCAKE team will be running this event, and it should be interesting to see which recipe is voted the favourite!

Update 7

This week’s session was very busy! The students decided that they would like QHS students to choose their favourite cupcakes recipe. In an earlier session, students had decided that there were four recipes that they wanted to choose from. So, this week, the group made two dozen of each recipe.

The recipes were: the Ultimate Cupcake Recipe, Yogurt Cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakes, and the QHS Recipe for cupcakes.

They then had a taste testing event on the Friday: students were asked to pay $2, and for this they got to taste a quarter piece of each recipe.

The QUPCAKE team organised this event well: they had four recipe stations, and survey forms for the students to fill out when they had tasted each recipe.

The winner was the Ultimate Cupcake Recipe, which was really tasty!

The only negative for the event was that the participation was not what we expected – at the end we had around 15 survey forms, and all but one had chosen the Ultimate recipe!

However, all was not lost, because the students sold the leftover cupcakes at the lunch break. It should be interesting to hear the feedback at next week’s session. And after that, it’s onto the frosting!