QUPCAKES: the first update

Hi, it’s Paula here: I work as a Project Co-Ordinator here at SRBEC. My first project is QUPCAKES.

SRBEC was lucky enough to win funds for QUPCAKES from the IMB Bank Community Foundation (we have an IMB branch here in Queanbeyan at the Riverside Plaza)
The QUPCAKES project involves the development of a local enterprise by a group of young people. The group will meet after school for a two hour session on a weekly basis to design prepare and sell their QUPCAKES at a variety of community events. As they do this, they will also work to develop a business model ,so that they can set up and run their own QUPCAKES small business.

As you can tell from it’s title, QUPCAKES is about cupcakes. But how many cupcakes can you buy which have a distinctive Queanbeyan theme? At this stage, I can’t tell you more, but I can assure you that QUPCAKES will definitely be all about Queanbeyan and the wonderful people who live here!

And before I go, I forgot to tell you that the young people who will be working on QUPCAKES come from our own Queanbeyan High School. We have a great variety of expertise in our QUPCAKES team. So far, we have two Year 7’s, one Year 8, one Year 10, one Year 11, and one Year 12. (see the photo)

So, please don’t forget to check out this page for your latest QUPCAKE update!