Renew Detailing

Assisted by Business Advisor Fiona Latham-Cannon

Fiona Latham-Cannon has been providing business advice to Renew Detailing​, since its inception in 2021. Over the past three years, Fiona has guided Sophie through various stages of her business’s growth, helping her navigate challenges and seize opportunities as she transformed her mobile service into a well know, reliable and professional local service, soon with a physical location in Jindabyne.

The main challenge for Sophie was managing her service offerings, which include traditional car detailing, boats, caravans, snow groomers, and skidoos, all while establishing a robust local presence. The expansion required strategic planning and a deep understanding of different market needs, which we explored together.

A highlight of our collaboration is the impending launch of Renew Detailing’s physical premises in May 2024, marking a significant milestone. This new location not only solidifies Sophie’s commitment to the community but also facilitated a partnership with another business operator, creating a synergistic co-working space. This move enabled both businesses to share resources and optimise their service offerings.

Memorable moments include witnessing Sophie’s resilience and her ability to connect with the community, earning her the reputation as the go-to professional for vehicle rejuvenation. Her success is a testament to her hard work, adaptability, and the effective application of the strategic advice provided throughout our relationship.

“Working with Fiona has been a total game-changer. Fiona’s spot-on advice and deep insights really helped me steer through the big challenges of growing my services and finally putting down roots with my new shop in Jindabyne. She also guided me through boosting my online presence which has lead to an increase in my presence in the community, giving me killer tips on social media and marketing that really dialed up my engagement and brought in new clients. She also helped me face imposter syndrome head on and build my confidence from the first few minutes of our first meeting.” – Sophie, Owner of Renew Detailing​

Key Outcomes:

  1. Professional Development and Confidence: Sophie gained significant knowledge and confidence in managing and expanding her business. This personal growth enabled her to make informed decisions, approach new challenges with a strategic mindset, and continually adapt to the evolving needs of her market. The development of her business acumen has been instrumental in the sustained success and growth.
  2. Establishment of a Physical Location: The advice provided facilitated the transition from a mobile-only operation to establishing a physical premises. This move was crucial in scaling up the business, providing a stable base for operations, and allowing for the introduction of new services, which were previously unavailable locally.
  3. Enhanced Community Integration and Reputation: The guidance offered helped Sophie deepen her integration into the local community, reinforcing her reputation as the premier service provider for vehicle and equipment detailing in the Snowy Mountains area. This strategic positioning has led to an increased customer loyalty and referral rate, establishing Renew Detailing as a trusted brand within the community.

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