Get to know: Graham Baxter

Graham is the CEO of Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre

Graham has strong business acumen and is a highly experienced   and qualified business consultant in all facets of business management including; Sales and Marketing, Financial and HR management, Strategic planning and broad range of Operational activities.

With more than 30 years hands-on business experience operating in retail, construction, hospitality and professional services; Graham’s skill and passion for business provides his clients with a clear direction for results.




Describe one experience you’ve had where you took a huge leap of faith.

I am tempered to say, ”getting married” but my wife might read this.
It has to be moving towns with a 6 week old baby to start my first business at age 23.


What is the best vacation you’ve ever had?

Spending 3 weeks on the west coast of America visiting; Hawaii, San Francisco, Vegas & LA, plus meeting & getting a kiss from Jennifer Garner who is a client & close friend of my sister in LA.


What do you think you will be doing 20 years from now?

Retired & travelling whenever & wherever I can


What is your favourite sport to watch?

Differently motor sport; now you know where my reputation comes from!