Get to know: Paul Malcolm

Paul is a Program Facilitator

Paul’s background is working in outdoor recreation, running camps  for young people on both the Great Ocean Road and the River Murray. More recently he has worked with Indigenous youth from the APY lands in South Australia. Recently moved to the ACT from Adelaide, Paul is passionate about sport and fitness and loves gaming and fishing.



What is your favourite sport to watch?
AFL! Coming from Adelaide I have never watched a game of NRL or Union. I absolutely love watching and playing Aussie Rules Footy.

What is your favourite outdoor activity?
I love fishing, surfing, and camping. Having just moved here, I have a lot of places to explore and fish! Too cold for surfing…

What technology innovation made the most impact on your life?
The internet. If I were pressed for something more specific, I’d say smartphones. While there are endless positives to having information and connectivity at our fingertips, sometimes I wonder if we were better off without them!