Get to know: Anja Livingston

Anja is a Program Manager

She is a qualified teacher with over 10 years of secondary school teaching experience. For the past 15 years Anja has been working with schools, business and community sectors in developing partnerships, career development programs, event and project management, and delivering training and workshops to students, teachers, parents and community.

What is your favourite sport to watch?

Unlike the other members of my family, I am not really a sports junkie, but I do like to watch AFL football. It is fast moving, action-packed, with a bit of biff! I love watching it live, being part of the action, feeling the mood of the crowd and getting into the cheering and sometimes the booing!! It’s a great stress reliever! And who do I love to watch? The GWS Giants of course.

What is one word that you would use to describe your team?

2 words – Absolutely Awesome

The longer answer: They are a bunch of very smart, highly dedicated, kind, generous, loyal and hard- working individuals who certainly keep me on my toes! And they make coming to work a pleasure as they also know how to have a laugh!

What fictional place would you like to visit?

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – although I couldn’t guarantee that I would keep out of trouble.