Get Back In The Game Personal Story

By Megan Edwards, Program Co-ordinator

Lain, a 16-year-old residing in the Goulburn Mulwaree area, faced educational challenges leading to multiple school suspensions. Recognising the need for an alternative approach, Lain’s parents and the school referred him to the Get Back In The Game (GBIG) program.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Lain travelled on holidays with his family and was homeschooled by his mother, which he found challenging. The pandemic disrupted his routine, leading to academic disengagement and behavioural issues upon school reopening.

After enrolling in the GBIG Program, Lain was reluctant to attend TAFE, but by completing activities including building a work wallet, using visual aids like a car outline that associated achievements with car parts, Lain was motivated to enroll in the year 10 equivalent course at TAFE – Certificate II in Career Preparation. This was the first step in fulfilling his long-term goals of working in the motor vehicle industry and saving for a car.

Feeling now fully prepared, he applied and secured a full-time position at Hidrive, even though he hadn’t completed his Year 10 equivalent course, which goes against Department of Education policy.  This meant Lain needed to go back to TAFE to complete his studies and with the support of his parents, TAFE, Hidrive and Megan his GBIG program Coordinator, he was able to complete his studies and work part time whilst doing so.

Lain has achieved his Certificate II in Career Preparation, gained essential work documentation and is now back working full-time at Hidrive, where he has been employed for nearly six months. A heartfelt message from his mother to Megan, his coordinator, emphasised Lain’s transformative growth due to the program’s impact.

“Just Do It because it is worth it in the end, especially when you have the support of The Get Back In The Game Program.” 
– Lain Weatherstone

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Contact Megan about the GBIG program in the Goulburn Mulwaree, Wingecarribee & Wollondilly areas.

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Photographed (left to Right)

Megan Edwards, Lain Weatherstone & Dearne Dillon from Hidrive.