Braidwood Boys Take on Gardening

Braidwood Boys take on Gardening

The Links to Learning program aims to empower students to become active citizens, by building their connections with their community and giving them strategies to seek and obtain support to address barriers and issues they face. All of this will enable them to better engage with their learning, their community and their future.

An example of this is the year 8 Links to Learning boys from Braidwood Central School have been working on reviving the Braidwood community gardens for the past couple of months. The boys started by walking down to the council office in Braidwood and asking if there was anything they could do to help in the community. They were pointed towards the gardens and given a contact to ring and talk to about what needs to be done.


Over the last two months the students have weeded and turned over the soil in a large garden bed. We then had a large delivery of soil, which the students spread over the garden bed. There were a few surviving plants which the students re-planted; wild onions, rhubarb, kale and oregano.



In our final week, we are going to be planting seeds and spreading pea straw, which the students can see grow over the months and years ahead. The students have really enjoyed getting involved, and will continue to nurture the garden, along with other members of the community of Braidwood.