Business Connect Good News Story – Canberra Truck Align creates a digital voice

Canberra Truck Align creates a digital voice

– Shared from NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Website

Canberra Truck Align is a wheel alignment business, specializing in vehicles 4×4 and bigger, that has been operating for 20 years. A solid company that was confident in its service and product but lacked knowledge and confidence in the digital space.

Business owner Melinda was familiar with Facebook but was anxious about taking the leap for the business, concerned that images and wording may not be polished or informative enough. Melinda connected with Business Connect advisor Kristine Laird who convinced her otherwise and a digital footprint began!

Melinda launched the Facebook and Instagram pages with a few historical shots of their workshop simply to create a relationship with the reader and in the process, found a renewed sense of pride over the business she and her husband Paul started from scratch 20 years ago.

“Kris was wonderful to work with because she was genuinely interested in the work we carried out. In fact her simple questions as to the benefits of laser wheel alignments, how long an alignment takes and what is involved, formed the basis of my first few posts,” Melinda said.

“I shouldn’t have feared that my posts would not be technical enough, as I believe the basic facts are what appeal to the average customer who doesn’t want to be bamboozled with stats and figures. They are more inclined to engage if the interaction is genuine both in its information and delivery. Our photos are neither polished nor stylised but they are authentic. In fact most customers are more than happy for their vehicle to feature in a post as the mechanical issue it has is often a common one, and life changing (both monetary and in driving comfort) once fixed”

Business Connect not only encouraged Melinda to take the leap but it also became a source of accountability.

“We did, and still do, feel like someone outside of our Staff and family has a vested interest in our business doing well,” Melinda said. “We celebrated 20 years of business in March 2019 and feel more invigorated than ever.”