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10 Steps to Ensuring Your Website Stands Out from the Crowd

Inspiration for this post came from Andrew Griffith’s fantastic book titled “Someone Has to Be The Most Expensive, Why Not Make It You?”  (this is NOT a commission based link)


With so much competition online, combined with the exponential growth of Ecommerce, here are 10 sure steps that you should be working on, to ensure that your website stands out from the crowd.

  • Compelling User Experience (UX) – all your website visitors should experience great images, engaging storytelling, awesome video content and genuine testimonials. This secret sauce needs to be clear,
  • Easy Buying Process – the entire steps to purchasing need to be smooth and seamless,
  • Smart and Customer Friendly – your website should be customer friendly and easy to use. You may even engage some of your clients to help you in the design process,
  • Delivery – delivery must be fast and easily trackable,
  • Packaging – packaging of your products needs to be thoughtful and precise. First impressions when the product arrives are important and does matter,
  • Opening Package – do not forget that unpacking the package is also part of the experience and should be second to none. Again, do not forget that first impressions matter. Shabby packing, shabby company.
  • Repetition – you need to deliver consistency time and time again. Technology can help here to maintain consistency,
  • Evolve – as your customers habits, believes and actions evolve, your website should evolve with them. Do not become obsolete and out of date,
  • Ask Questions – continue to strive for improvement, asking questions on how you can create a better, easier, and faster experience for your customers.
  • Expectations – (the big one!) strive to always meet expectations and ideally exceed them.


This sounds like a comprehensive list that you may never complete.  Instead, it’s all a work in progress, which means that you need to prioritise what is the most important action, that helps you stand out from the crowd, right now.  However, if you feel that these 10 steps are beyond you, then maybe being online is not for you.


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