The 1 Page Business Plan


The 1 page Business Plan

Having worked with many business clients over the past 25 years & operated 5 businesses myself & I have no doubt that one of the biggest challenges faced by business owners is to ensure that their business is giving them the lifestyle they desired.

We all start off with high expectations & with great enthusiasm, but this quickly turns into a situation where you are too busy doing the day-to-day operational stuff and not focussing on the things that are most important to us – our personal goals!

Most businesses don’t have a Business Plan, which means that they don’t have strategies that will drive their business to achieve those personal goals that they wanted from the outset.

Business Plans don’t need to be complex, I believe that a simple one-page Business Plan can provide; clarity, strategies & direction for your business that will assist you in achieving those original goals you had for your business.

The one-page plan will explore; what you are really selling, what’s your unique selling proposition is, who your customers are, what your value proposition is, how you will market your products, how they will be measured & expected revenue. These are powerful points that will challenge your thinking & focus your business in a way that will drive success & lead to your goals being met — remember YOU are what is important in your business.

To get your hands on a one-page business plan simply contact SRBEC and ask us to send you one, better still; meet us for a chat and we can help you through it.

Give us a call on 02 6297 3121 or email and ask for the one-page Business Plan and start kicking your business goals.