Read Spaces

Question: What does your business produce or supply?

I provide high end professional images for corporate clients, for example I shoot corporate portraits and then usually the production images related to that company.

Some of the services and business products are:  Virtual Tour services, drone and video services. I cover portraiture, architecture, aerials, construction/industrial and studio product. I have had my own studio for over 20 years, and it has most features required for most types of photography and video. ‘Read Spaces’ is a Virtual Tour company that provides High resolution 3D scans which allow the viewer to inspect, in their own time a site, project, business or building. Information about each room and its content is available in either text, photo or video making the tour appealing for all types of industry from safety and training through to marketing and tourism.


Question: What motivated you to start your business?

ReadSpaces, my most recent business venture was inspired by the CoVid-19 pandemic and its effect on my business. I needed to provide another service that was both achievable during the pandemic but was also directly related to the CoVid issues my clients were facing. The biggest issue was that people were not allowed to visit their premises. ReadSpaces Virtual Tours meant that online viewing of business and their services could be proved to their customers.


Question: When you think about your business, what keeps you awake at night times?

If it’s not the lack of bookings and those associated financial problems, then it’s the bookings themselves. Churning over ideas, lighting, technical aspects, logistics and delivery all make for some sleepless nights.


Question: What has your business taught you personally?

It has taught me that it is very difficult to run your own business. Very small business is unique and does not always receive the customised assistance they deserve. I have learned that it’s important to communicate to my client and explaining  clearly about the services I can deliver and guiding them through a project, so they feel comfortable.  It has shown me that over time things come and go but also that if what you deliver is of high enough quality your clients will return and new ones will come your way.


Question: What’s a recent business success that you have you had, that has motivated you to keep going?

Recently I have been covering the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability. A new client, it has been a pleasure dealing with the commission but also it has taught me a lot about the difficulties that disabled people face each day of their lives.  It’s a great source of inspiration.


Question: How do you feel about the future of your business, say in the next 3 years?

I have seen regrowth and to date it has not been what I had expected. It is going to be a slow burn back to pre-Covid revenue streams, but I am keen to try and do what it takes to speed up those revenue streams.


Question: How does (has) your relationship with SRBEC helped you and your business?

It’s a great motivator. It has assisted me in getting an idea off the drawing board and out into the real world. Assistance in growing the business such as marketing and other business tactics have been invaluable.


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Brendan Read