QUPCAKES: updates 4 and 5

Update 4

This week’s Session 4 turned out to be very interesting. We had a guest speaker, Germaine Muller, who is the Marketing Officer at SRBEC. Germaine talked to the students about marketing QUPCAKES. After over an hours discussion about logos, taglines, colours, social media and branding, all the students realised that the cooking part of QUPCAKES was in fact a fairly small part of the setting up of the business!

It was terrific to see everyone come to the same conclusion: setting up a business is a process which involves a lot more than the products you sell.

Anyway, this means that we will be spending our time in the near future addressing many other aspects of our business so that we make sure that QUPCAKES has a solid foundation!

Update 5

This week in QUPCAKES, we once again found ourselves talking about the business, and what we wanted to make of it. This week’s guest speaker was Janine Linklater, who is a business consultant at SRBEC.

Janine talked about the importance of setting up your business model properly. She covered such issues as values, having a good strategic plan, business objectives, and also the importance of continuously looking at your business to make sure that you are following the model that you have set up. The session was challenging, and it gave the team an opportunity to really think hard about what they wanted to create with the QUPCAKES business.

A great big thanks to Janine for her wonderful contribution to the QUPCAKES program!