Get to Know: Carissa Mills

Carissa is a Workplace Learning Coordinator

Carissa attended Macleay College in Sydney studying hospitality and management. She then worked in retail for 15 years, 3 of these as a manager. She then owned a successful restaurant for 5 years.


What is the meaning of your name:

(Carissa) in Greek and American it means Very dear, and in Latin, it is Artistic or giving; Very dear.

What is the best vacation you have ever had:

This would have to be a family holiday to Vanuatu, it was just after Christmas we were completely relaxed and rested but even more so on our return.

Vanuatu is such a beautiful place so much to see around the island, hot springs, waterfalls, beautiful beaches etc, it gave myself and family a realization that there are more important things in life. The Vanuatu people are so content and to speak with them and experience some of their culture was amazing.

If you could only take one physical item with you on a deserted island, what it would be?