Bin Trim’s Back!

The Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre (SRBEC) business waste Bin Trim team is back.

Graham Baxter, SRBEC CEO said: “Following its round 2 success, the SRBEC Bin Trim team was again successful in its application for the 3rd round of the NSW Environmental Protection Authority business waste or Bin Trim program.”

SRBEC Bin Trim Program Manager Geoff Pryor said: “We are back to help local businesses! Last round we registered more than 500 companies. For some, this help amounted to savings worth thousands of dollars. We assisted more than 10 companies gain 50% rebates for equipment to be used in their company.”

In a world where customers require businesses from which they purchase their products and services to have less and less impact upon the environment, the Bin Trim program is an important and valuable support. The popularity of the ABC’s War on Waste is testament to this sentiment.

Mr Pryor said; “The Bin Trim program is a free service to businesses to assist them improve the way their businesses operates with the result that cost savings may be found, market image is improved and staff morale grows.

He said: “Not only is the Bin Trim service free but there are opportunities under the program to gain financial support for useful equipment and to be publicly recognised for doing the right thing, and these are significant benefits for all businesses.

The particular site featured in the photograph below, shows how cardboard and plastic can be managed so as to be diverted from landfill but still other limited waste streams remain. This is an example of a significantly improved operation achieved through participation in the Bin Trim program and success with a rebate application for equipment.


Engagement with the Bin Trim program is very simple and takes little time. After registration into the program with the SRBEC, a specialist advisor comes to you and does an audit of your waste streams which then results in a proposed action plan for your consideration. The Bin Trim team assessor is readily available to take your calls and answer your queries about this plan. Progress is reviewed and monitored and it is likely that the initial plan morphs into a 2nd Action Plan, used thereafter by the company to guide its activities.

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