Take A Bite of the Apple

Add your Business to Apple Maps

Have you noticed that little USB socket under the touch screen in your new car? Did you know you can plug your iPhone into that socket and then you can control your phone from the cars touch screen This is called Apple CarPlay. This is the only legal way to use your iPhone while driving. There might even be a voice command button on the steering wheel. Give it a go “ Hey Siri Driving directions to ………….”

Now if you have a client who’s business isn’t listed on Apple Maps  you could be lost. There are 2 ways to fix this. Either make sure the business is list on Yelp, as Apple uses this data for requests like “ Hey Siri, Driving direction to the nearest Sushi”. Siri will offer suggestion based on Yelp reviews.

Alternatively go to https://mapsconnect.apple.com/business/ and log in with your Apple ID and add your business. This is the better way of adding it with Apple upcoming rewrite of the app.

Drive Safe.