QUPCAKES: the second and third updates

Update 2

The second session of QUPCAKES was interesting and informative for everyone – the first thing the students asked when they arrived for the session was “When can we cook some QUPCAKES?” and when I replied “Right now!” there were smiles all around. The kids got on with it, and  soon, that lovely smell of cooking QUPCAKES was everywhere! When the cakes cooled down, they were frosted and ready for sale the next day.

A great big thank you must go to everyone at Queanbeyan High School, who bought our QUPCAKES! The kids made $66 from the sales, which was a terrific result from their very first QUPCAKE event! It’s onwards and upwards from now on. Check out our  QUPCAKES next week for the next exciting instalment Cheers, Paula.

Update 3

This week in our third session, we had as our guest speaker Frances Moore, who is the Equity Officer from the Australian Catholic University, Frances spoke to our group about Multiple Intelligences.

The best part of this session was that all the students realised that they all had different strengths, and that these strengths could be used in the various aspects of the QUPCAKES business.