Assisted by Business Advisor Jessica Vlaskic

Before Miluny’s grand opening on November 22nd, 2023, they faced a critical moment. In October 2023, Celeste Iannotta sought guidance from Jess Vlaskic. Celeste had initially launched Miluny as an online store in 2021 but later decided to open a physical store in Albury, signing a lease in March 2021. However, by October, the store remained closed, and Celeste needed clarity and support.

Together, Celeste and Jess prepared diligently for Miluny’s grand opening. With Jess’s expertise, they identified Miluny’s unique offerings and refined its vision. Originally an online venture, Miluny’s transition to a physical store marked a significant milestone.

With Jess’s guidance, Celeste navigated the complexities of marketing, networking, and expanding the product range, gaining confidence along the way. They explored additional services like massage therapy and wellness classes, enriching Miluny’s appeal as a holistic self-care destination. Miluny proudly offers all-natural, Australian-made self-care and beauty products, inviting patrons on a journey of timeless beauty and relaxation.

The results were remarkable: Miluny opened its doors with an expanded product line, and its grand opening resonated strongly within the community. Empowered by this success, Celeste is ready to lead Miluny into the future with confidence and determination.

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