Fiona Latham-Cannon – Advisor

  • Canva Design for Business Branding 
  • Social Media and Marketing Strategy 
  • Facebook/Instagram Paid Advertising
  • Customer Databases and Email Direct Marketing
  • Concise Business Writing focused on Unique Selling Points

Fiona Latham-Cannon holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) with more than 40 years of business experience spanning 5 different industries. Over 30 years, she has operated a 3rd generation family retail business operating multiple outlets in major shopping centres. Fiona is also well-positioned to advise Restaurateurs, having been one herself for around 5 years. She has driven 2 business-to-business operations in the wholesale industry and holds office-bearing positions on two Not-For-Profit Organisations’ Committees. Her most recent business activity centres around her multiple-award-winning marketing agency.
Fiona specialises in making businesses look great and perform well online while ensuring business owners have the tools they need to become consistent digital advocates for their businesses. She creates and ensures business branding and marketing strategies can be seamlessly implemented and that digital communication between business and customers/clients is simplified, on point and brand. As a Digital Business Solutions Advisor, Fiona offers knowledge and training with a toolbox full of helpful business resources, making daily digital marketing implementation easy.
She possesses expert knowledge of Social Media Creation using channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  She teaches simple through to advanced Graphic Design techniques maximising business advertising effectiveness using Canva.
She helps create effective Online Advertising strategies using Facebook and Instagram to reach the preferred audiences. Fiona has useful iPhone Photography experience with teachable editing skills.
0408 688 627
Snowy Mountains Region