Windsor (Walk In) Baths

Question: What does your business produce or supply?

We supply locally assembled walk-in baths from imported and local sourced components. These are baths for people with limited mobility (due to age or disability) so they can still obtain the enjoyment of a good soak in privacy, dignity and with independence while they can stay in their own home longer.


Question: What motivated you to start your business?

We love helping people and make a difference in their lives in a meaningful way. The business was owned by a friend whom we had supported for some time and when it became available, we took the change to develop it.


Question: When you think about your business, what keeps you awake at night times?

Our single biggest challenge is market exposure. The products have been very well accepted in markets like the UK and USA and there is no reason why it would not be here in Australia but as a whole, the market does not know it exists. Our challenge is to get the product in front of people to give it a change to shine.


Question: What has your business taught you personally?

Just loads! How to import. How the NDIS works and how to work with it. How to market the product to a consumer and business to business market (aged care, group homes, architects, etc) crisp and clearly within a promotional budget. How to make/create supporting documents, etc.


Question: What’s a recent business success that you have you had, that has motivated you to keep going?

Earlier this year we decided to present our walk-in baths to those involved in the design stages of Special Disability Housing in the hope to get our product specified over time. It was expected to be a longer term opportunity for us. We are pleased to report that we already completed our first sale and have won the specifications for 2 projects.


Question: How do you feel about the future of your business, say in the next 3 years?

We are very encouraged. With the help of SRBEC we have been able to work on our business infrastructure structure. This means we now have (marketing) tools in place we can use for years to come allowing us operate more efficiently and smarter. We can now reach more people more regularly in a shorter period of time helping us to build awareness and our brand.


Question: How does (has) your relationship with SRBEC helped you and your business?

Besides the mentioned business infrastructure we now have (and did not prior to their involvement), our business advisor has been a sounding board for us while our regular meetings helped us with (wanted) accountability towards improving the business.

At each meeting we wanted to report progress within the business and all these little progress steps added together has led to a significant transformation.

From a sounding board point of view, it has been great to run idea’s, thoughts and issues past someone with business experience whom is a little removed from your own business. It allows for a fresh and unbiased point of view that helps you balance in your decision-making process.

Other subject experts have been wonderful. Where we were unsure how to go about items like social media, we now have a clear idea both where it fits and how to go about it while the NDIS expert helped us connecting some important information dots including the road to being a qualified NDIS provider, very important for us.


Jenny and Henk Van Velze