Why are Customer Surveys important?

Did you know that 52% of people globally believe companies need to take action on feedback provided by customers (Microsoft)? 

Enterprise Plus has a new webinar Customer feedback and surveys which will debut on Wednesday 22 February 2023.

Here are 5 reasons why customer surveys are important:
  1. They help you identify opportunities to improve specific points in the customer journey
  2. They tell you how your business compares to your competitors
  3. They help you develop brand loyalty
  4. They can prevent customers from sharing negative experiences
  5. They help you keep up with changing customer tastes

Many businesses collect customer feedback but don’t analyse it or act on it.

Our webinar on 22 February will share with you how to analyse and act on customer feedback to improve and grow your business.

Remember, if you’re unable to attend this or any of our other events, our Business Advisors are available to discuss your issue further.