Tees Support Services

assisted by Business Advisor Darryl Tonks

Registered nurse Tahnee, with a background in mental health, transitioned from Sydney to a rural NSW town. There, she identified a critical service gap for residents with disabilities. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offered support, but the nearest provider was over an hour away, limiting access for many.

Recognising this unmet need, Tahnee embarked on establishing her own NDIS service business, Tees Support Service, focused on providing support work and respite care within the local community.

Through the “Become NDIS Ready” webinar, she connected with business advisor Darryl Tonks, who provided invaluable one-on-one guidance.

Collaboratively, they developed a comprehensive business plan targeting the local market. This plan encompassed value proposition development, marketing opportunities, strategic partnerships, and relationship building. They also worked through the NDIS Pricing arrangements and limitations to make sure Tahnee understood the requirements of how she could work with the NDIS and what services she was able to provide. Financial modelling ensured the business could support Tahnee’s income needs while allowing future growth and staff recruitment, enabling her to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

A detailed sales proposal, achievable goals, and strategies for networking with local support coordinators were established. Potential challenges, including negative feedback, were addressed. Tahnee’s dedication to her community empowers her to become a vital provider of NDIS services.

Through the network database, Tahnee connected with a support coordinator in the nearby town and developed a relationship that saw her looking after three young boys, with disabilities, giving their family the respite they needed. She also found that there were people who were struggling to maintain their properties and her partner was able to find work providing yard maintenance through the NDIS. Through further networking, use of her sales proposal, and meeting the tasks assigned to attain her goals, Tahnee has grown her business to the point where she is now only working in the hospital two days a week and has a much greater work-life balance. Her business continues to grow, and she will soon be looking to employ her first staff member.

“Darryl has been instrumental in the creation and building of my business. He has saved me many hours and thousands of dollars. I can’t thank him enough for the support and guidance that he has provided.”Tahnee Wagstaff

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