Proving the Sky’s No Limit

Assisted by Business Advisor Colin Target

Paul Moonie, CEO of Halocell Energy – a solar cell manufacturing business based in Wagga – was looking to rebrand their business and needed support to make an application for a Modern Manufacturing grant with Gilmour Space.

Our Business Connect Advisor Colin Taggart provided out of this world support leading to a successful grant submission, a smooth rebrand transition from “Greatcell” to “Halocell” and ensuring a stellar media turn out at the Halocell Energy’s open day announcing in early August where they announced their participation in Australia’s Space and Satellite programme.

Awarded a $2million CRC-P grant, Halocell Energy are able to upscale manufacture using roll-2-roll printing technology so that they could provide low-cost solar cells for Satellites and develop next generation solar cells for a variety of markets including Agriculture, Defence, Drones, Satellites, and portable electronics.

Halocell Energy is now able to:

1. Commercialise ultra-low cost, flexible perovskite solar cells using roll-to-roll production.
2. Replace high-cost conductor materials with cost effective carbon-based composite materials.
3. Upscale the production process to allow high volume, ultra-low-cost production of perovskite solar cells.

The commercialization of perovskite photovoltaics in Australia using all Australian raw materials, improving energy security and providing significant job opportunities as a primary and enabling technology for other SMEs.

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Photographed (left to right)
Paul Moonie – Halocell – CEO  
Colin Taggart– Enterprise Plus Business Advisor
Megan Hayson – Halocell – Materials Engineer