Get to know: Julia Willson

Julia is a Program Facilitator

Julia has been working within the Education and Community Services sector for nearly a decade and says nothing makes her happier than forming strong relationship with her clients and creating successful outcomes.

When she is not working she enjoys exploring the great outdoors, photography, and writing.




What is the most important personal attribute that you bring to your job?

1.) Experience. Although it was some time ago, I went through a lot of what the students I work with are going through. This helps to relate and communicate, and break down stigmas

2.) Empathy. I feel like I get teenagers and the hardship they face in the modern world. Times can be tough and I feel deeply that talking openly about it can only be a good thing.


What is your favourite outdoor activity?

Snorkelling. I love the feeling of being in a completely different world and also taking a break from technology.