Collective Catalysts – Business Profile

Assisted by business advisor by Peita Charman
Collective Catalysts business owner Kachina has a long history in marketing and built a successful content marketing agency and Peita has a background in marketing, business strategy and information technology.  By working together, Peita and Kachina spent time focusing on the emerging shifts in marketing services worldwide, as well as client expectations and the curiosity growing around AI.
“Your support and direction has been instrumental in the strategic reinvention of the business and I thank you for constantly encouraging me to think outside of the box. The business is very different today because of your input”. – Kachina Dimmock, Founder of Collective Catalyst

With a strategic business plan in place Kachina then spent time immersed in AI, attending training locally and worldwide, undergoing the transformation of AI’s application specific to marketing for businesses.
The outcomes are:
  • Built relationships with leading global AI marketing thinkers and innovators, where the objective became how to apply AI in an ethical and responsible way that has real world application for marketing in business
  • Kachina was the first Australian to complete the Certificate of Piloting AI for Marketing, enabling her to teach and host AI leadership workshops
  • Launched the updated brand, inclusive of new name, content and visual branding
  • Created AI Marketing courses and training being delivered to businesses, speaking events and forums in Australia this year and filling out the 2024 calendar – teaching and mentoring AI for marketing.
Collective Catalysts has upcoming AI workshops, resources and business training events scheduled for 2024. Register your interest here.
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Kachina Dimmock, Collective Catalysts