Case Study – Collaborating with another business

Ampetyane Art & The Pantha Way Yoga

In the lead-up to Australia Day 2023, Business Connect Program Advisor Kylie Pettitt helped two business owners and Enterprise Plus clients in a fantastic collaborative event.

Indigenous artists Wayne Davis of Ampetyane Art and Cat, owner of The Pantha way Yoga Studio, held a special event on Australia Day.

The outcome was a beautiful community outdoor yoga session with Wayne addressing and paying tribute to the First Nation’s People, together sharing a passion for service, community and art.

Cat’s business focuses on connection, community, empowerment, freedom and transformation through Yoga.

Wayne was raised in the Northern Territory and spent many years in Central Australia, where he mastered his skills to undertake traditional and contemporary desert-style art with a theme of healing.

Wayne and Cat are planning possible collaborations in future with an art exhibition in the Yoga Space and other community events.

Pantha Way Yoga Studio is working with Kylie to re-engage her community, looking at innovative marketing strategies.

Wayne continues working with Digital Solutions Program Advisor Tanya Creer on his amazing online store and social media development.

He was connected with The Sydney Daily Telegraph for an upcoming feature story. We can’t wait to see it (and neither can he).

Benefits of collaborating with another business

Collaborating with another business, such as an event or an in-store promotion, is a great way to help both businesses.

One of the most important benefits is that your business will be promoted to the collaborating business’s contacts, which is a great way to get your business seen by potential new customers quickly.

It is also a great way to incentivise sales.

To make the most of your collaboration, consider the following ideas:
  • Promote it on all your channels, such as social media, website, newsletters or in-store.
  • Share resources such as tools, equipment, and even staff
  • Share your knowledge to help each other’s activities and promote the introduction of new ideas into each business

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Collaborating with another business is a great way to incentivise sales and cross-promote your business.