By Business Advisor Colin Taggart

CareH, a Community-Focused Health Care Solutions and Consultancy Services Business, was founded by three dedicated health care professionals with more than 35 years of high-level senior leadership and management experience in the Australian health system. Directors Rashid Samad and Syam Mohan are focused on making a meaningful impact on the well-being of individuals and the community.

As a new start up, Business Advisor Colin Taggart advised Rashid and Syam about their marketing and communications strategy, assisted with their digital presence, and worked with them on a successful launch event.

“Colin infused us with energy, offering invaluable tips and tricks that propelled our venture forward. The connections he facilitated streamlined our path, and the lessons we learned were invaluable’. – Syam Mohan, Director & Co-Founder – CareH

Business Advisor Jessica Vlaskic also assisted CareH with Human Resources advice and drawing up appropriate legal documentation to support personnel contracts.

1. The Launch event at the Riverine Club was attended by the local member Dr Joe McGirr and a broad section of Wagga’s Business community.
2. The event received prominent and positive media coverage in the Daily Advertiser and on the Prime 7 evening news bulletin which helped raise awareness of the new venture.
3. CareH have successfully signed up several aged care facilities as clients and engaged with numerous healthcare professionals who will benefit from their services.

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Photographed (Left to Right)

Colin Taggart Business Advisor Enterprise Plus
Dr Joe McGirr Member for Wagga Wagga
Rashid Samad Director CareH
Syam Mohan Director CareH