Canberra Business Advice and Support Service

Delivering business advice & support services to the ACT

Any business, Any industry

Canberra Business Advice and Support Service (CBASS), sponsored by the ACT Government, a subsidiary arm of Enterprise Plus, is a business advisory service for ACT businesses from all industry sectors, delivering a comprehensive range of business advice and support services.

Whether you have an established business, are in the initial stages of starting your business, have an idea you want to develop into a business or are ready to retire – Canberra Business Advise and Support Services are here to guide and support you. The team provides a professional advisory, educational and information service that includes referrals to crucial support services and organisations, access to skill development workshops and webinars that will assist in helping to remain competitive, and gaining the tools and contacts to achieve your business goals.

Business advice and support can provide specialist advice for various topics, including general business, marketing, social media, financial matters, legal matters, mental health and wellbeing support and closing or pivoting a business.

CBASS delivers their advice and service on a one-on-one basis via face-to-face consultations at either our office premises, your premises or a suitable external location. Business owners can receive up to four hours of fully subsidised (free), tailored advice and access to business development resources. Each session runs for 1 hour; after the completion of four hours, additional ongoing advice and support are available through Enterprise Plus at a subsidised fee-for-service rate with no time limits.

To access this service, please call us on (02) 6297 3121.

The Canberra Business Advice & Support Service provides specialist advice for various topics, including small business advice and support, marketing advice, social media advice, general business advice, financial advice, legal advice, mental health and wellbeing support and advice to help pivot or close your business.

The ACT Government funds this program.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.