shane connelly

Shane was born In New Zealand but immigrated to Australia in 2011, seeking new horizons and fresh challenges. He spent 12 years as a Professional Firefighter in the New Zealand Fire Service while simultaneously juggling a Professional Rugby career in Japan and the United States. Moving up the ladder, Shane eventually achieved the role of Station Officer by the time he hit 30.
Shane has owned his own business where he worked closely with the community using boxing as a medium to build relationships, provide support and mentor individuals experiencing difficulties in navigating life’s challenges. He has worked at Bega Valley High School supporting students within the Special Education Department and recently finished with NSW National Parks and Wildlife, where he was managing an offshore island and firefighting when requested.
Shane has a background in Professional development and qualifications from a broad spectrum of Industries. He brings managerial experience, along with a proven track record of service to the community, providing mentorship, development, facilitation, support and construction of community-based programs.
Shane has a diverse background in professional training and experience. He believes investing time and building relationships in conjunction with knowledge and a professional approach to his role is the equation for optimal outcomes for his clients, regardless of their chosen pathway for personal development.