Get to know: Jae Lear

Jae Lear is a Pathways Coordinator

Jae grew up on the Central Coast and as of January 2017, moved to the Snowy Mountains Region for a lifestyle change after spending several years living, working and travelling around the world.

Jae has a range of professional skills in various industries including Employment Services, Recruitment, Education and Training, Health, Government/Human Services, Retail and the Trade Industries. He has worked as Team Leader in Employment Services and has worked for Centrelink. For over six years Jae was the Office Manager for an RTO whilst simultaneously a Practice Manager for a Natural Therapies Spa all for the same company. Jae has several years’ management experience in retail and has also ran his own part time business in the allied health industry.

Jae has several qualifications, Diploma’s and Certificates in various industries and is continuing his education to grow personally and professionally.

Jae has a wealth of experience in assisting people transition into employment, education and training and is driven by the outcome from seeing people achieve their goals.




Where in the world have you been that you thought was paradise?

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada


If you didn’t need a job, were healthy, and had plenty of time, what would you do?

Continue to travel the world, plus find new places to go snowboarding


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Sold just about everything, packed up, moved overseas and traveled.