Get to know: Jae Lear

Jae is a Pathways Coordinator

Jae grew up on the Central Coast and as of January 2017, moved to the Snowy Mountains Region for a lifestyle change after spending several years living, working and travelling around the world.

Jae has a wealth of experience in assisting people to transition into employment, education and training and is driven by the outcome of seeing people achieve their goals.


What is your favourite sport to watch?

Rugby League

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? 

Alaska, United States of America.

Although I have been there before, I would love to go heli-snowboarding, right on the cusp of spring when it is at its prime.

What is the meaning of your name? 

Not actually 100% sure on the meaning, but I was named after the dog, Jake.

Mum and Dad wanted to name me Jake, but as it was the dogs name they couldn’t. So, they just dropped the “K” and named me Jae instead.

Upon research the name Jae is of English and Korean origins. The different meanings of the name Jae are:

Korean meaning: Respect

English meaning: Jay bird

What is your favourite outdoor activity?