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Identify your sustainable competitive advantage

April 19 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am

There are 3 key factors that drive success for a business, and they make up your Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA). You must also celebrate and communicate your strengths. It is critical that the “uniqueness” of your business is clearly understood by customers so that your communications and promotions can cut through the clutter.

1. Identify what is truly unique about your business
2. Identify your competitive advantage from a customer experience perspective
3. Identify how you will address both financial and environmental sustainability

1. Increase lead generation by clearly communicating your Unique Selling Points (USPs)
2. Increase conversions of leads to purchase decision by enhancing the customer experience
3. Ensure the viability of your business by implementing financial and environmental sustainability

About the Presenter: Peita Charman
Peita is a Sales and Marketing specialist with over 25 years of experience in Australia and SE Asia.
She has assisted and motivated hundreds of small businesses and large organisations to grow, adapt and innovate in sales, communications, marketing, operational efficiency, and process improvement.
With a keen ability to deeply understand each unique business or organisation, and its’ challenges, she has provided advice and support across industries in banking and finance, retail and wholesale, government, and not-for-profit organisations.
Her background spans working for large consulting firms, global technology companies and customer relationship management providers.
She has extensive knowledge of Information Technology, Consulting, Strategy, Operations and Business Strategy.
Peita has a focus on people and building long-term relationships and is a subject matter expert who actively helps to lead, plan, conduct workshops, provide coaching and advice on specific areas of need or align different capabilities across small and large organisations.
With relevant and real-world experience, Peita is also a General Manager across multiple business functions in her own successful national business she started 15 years ago.
With a collaborative and engaging communication style, she enjoys helping people and businesses to succeed and is valued by her clients as a trusted advisor.

About the Host: Darryl Tonks
Darryl is a small business owner and certified results coach with a proven ability to lead business transformations that increase profitability, streamline operations and create sustainable structures that free business owners up to focus on the aspects of the business they love and time with their family.
He has extensive experience in service-based business operations and commercial aviation.
Darryl can work with people to understand their business and personal goals and to develop sustainable business structures to provide the financial and lifestyle rewards they are looking for.
With excellent communication and relationship-building skills, Darryl is approachable, diplomatic and humble in his approach to serving others to gain clarity of their business vision and set and achieve their goals.
Darryl has proven successful in managing individuals and teams to deliver outstanding results.
He is proactive and has the skill and experience to work autonomously or within a team confidently.

This Business Connect event is funded by the NSW Government


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